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Buckeye Dog Hauling and Kennels
I will haul your dog...
   Call or email for more information. 740/236.0578

Please Note:

  • We recommend ALL dogs are up-to-date with vacinations and puppies have a least TWO SETS of shots before shipping!
    If we have delivered your puppy and it is diagnosed with a disease we are not responsible unless you can be prove that is a direct result of our negligence. Diseases have various incubation periods after contact so please have your animal vaccinated before we pick him up. We always treat your dog as if it was our own. Please ask for references if you have a concern.

  • Cash only, we do not accept checks, money orders or credit cards. - A receipt will be provided if requested
  • All of our equipment is cleaned to kills parvo and most other diseases.
  • If a dog looks ill we will not transport it.  (A dog could look perfectly healthy and still have some type of germ)
  • We will not be responsible for sick dogs that are pick up.

Check out the my Photo Album If you have a pup from us, we would love to put an updated picture on our site.  
Pictures can be emailed to BuckeyeDogHaul or the Webmaster.

I am USDA Licensed, call for more information.  740/236.0578

Travel Range

Routine coverage now includes: Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, eastern North & South Dakota as well as all of Kansas, Oklahoma and Florida. Coverage in Texas will include areas east of I35 to San Antonio and up to Houston. Click for details
Molly, my constant travel companion partner.
RIP Dear Molly
8/4/03 -- 8/6/15

Dog Transport:

I will haul your dog within my travel range.

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope we can transport a dog or puppy for you in the future. When choosing someone to transport there are several things you should consider.

  1. Are they USDA licensed? The USDA has regulations as to the crate size, dogs being placed in the same crate, food, water and many other important issues for the health and safety of your pet.
  2. Does the transporter carry insurance? I don't mean insurance on their vehicle but on the dogs they are transporting. Personal vehicle insurance does not cover the loss of a dog they are hauling. If a carrier claims they personally cover your pet for loss make them show you proof of how they actually have the money in escrow to cover this loss. Common sense tells you very few people have thousands of dollars stuck back to cover a loss. You do not have to purchase a separate insurance policy while we transport your dog. That is why we carry a commercial policy.
  3. How often are stops made for the dog to exercise and use the bathroom?
  4. Food and water, what type of food is fed? Are they fed daily, do they have water available at all times? We carry Purina dog and puppy food unless another type is requested. Dogs and puppies that we haul have water at all times.
  5. Are the crates cleaned before another dog is to occupy it? What are the cleaning procedures?
  6. Will a health certificate be with the dog/puppy? This is not only for the protection of your animal but also the others on the transport.
  7. Adult dogs must have proof of current rabies shot. If the carrier is stopped and the dogs are checked and they can not furnish proof all the dogs can be taken to the humane society and someone will have to pay for their Vet to vaccinate for rabies even if the dog is current. This will be costly and the transporter may not have enough cash to cover it.
  8. We do not cram dogs or puppies together just to get more on the route and make more money. Each has their own crate or compartment.
  9. We attempt to do door to door pick up and delivery at all times. Other shippers will make you meet them on the interstate or in some cases we have heard about people driving over a hundred miles to get their delivery. Some exceptions on the door to door usually are in bad weather when ice and snow makes it difficult for us to get into your residence.
  10. There are times that we board dogs at our kennel. Our kennel has been inspected and each will have their own dog run or crate. These instances would be when one of our drivers picks up a dog or puppy and leaves it here for the other driver to pick up and deliver in another direction. Also if we are coming thru Ohio and it is more convenient for the dogs to overnight in a large roomy dog run we will do that.
  11. We may not be the fastest person you might hire and that is because we take the time to let the dogs out, keep their areas clean, feed and water. Often it is difficult to locate safe areas to let the dogs out. Also there are traffic issues, weather problems and people that are not on time when we need to meet them. We need to have maintence such as oil changes, tires, other things as they arise done while we are traveling with the dogs. Dog food, bedding and cleaning supplies have to be purchased also. I need to fill the water tank on the trailer and the extra water jugs daily. More than that in the summer.
  12. We had to raise our rates a minimal amount the spring of 2011. This was the first increase in over 4 years. Fuel prices and other costs associated with transport such as bedding, dog food, supplies have all increased.
  13. When you see our equipment you are able to see all the other dogs. Nothing is blocked off in our van or trailer keeping some dogs in seclusion and away from view.
  14. Our equipment has factory installed heat and air conditioning. We keep a low moderate AC on the dogs, we do not keep them cold, this as anyone with an ounce of sense knows maximum cold or heat is not good for any animal.
  15. We are paid on delivery. You don't have to send any money upfront.
  16. We do not text, twitter or e mail while driving. This is for our safety and the safety of your dog. We can be reached by cell phone and we carry laptops to check e mails and update our routes at night.

Mary Ann



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