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This page is dedicated to happy owners who have purchased a dogs
from me and all those that I have hauled dogs for.
 Thank You!! MaryAnn

If you have a pup from us, we would love to put an updated picture on our site.
Pictures can be emailed to BuckeyeDogHaul or the Webmaster.

Sadie - 2017

Sadie traves with Buck (right) spends her
  winters in FL then home to PA
  Buck - 2015

Buck spends his winters in FL then home to PA

Cabo - 2013
 Cabo was delivered from Kangpen Kennels in Ohio to Canada

Jace - 2013
   Jace was delivered as a tiny puppy and now lives with Samantha in Illinois
  Max - 2013
   Max went from Illinois to Mobile, Alabama

Mox - 2012

   Moxon, a Redbone who now
   lives in Milwaukee WI.
Hutch & Kaden - Then & Now
   Read about Hutch and Kaden here

Betts - 2011

  Jackson - 2011

   Jackson, an Australian Shepherd in his new PA home.

Kit / Fin / Libby - 2011

Billie - 2010

  Rita - 2011


Skippy - 2010

Skippy is a Service Dog in Tx. Thanks for the picture Milissa!
  Henry - 2008

UKC Grand Champion, NKC Grand Champion &
AKC Supreme Grand Champion with Zach his handler.

Riley - 2009

Riley traveled from Mich to PA. Thanks again for
bringing him to me. Michele
  Cash - March 2009

Thanks again for bringing him to us. We couldn't have
asked for anyone better.   -Shannon

Carolina-March 2008

Carolina traveled with me from South Carolina to Texas

I delivered Gizmo to Betty in Florida

Henry-July 2007

Henry is with Rick in Ohio
Born in '07 From my female Buckeye Outlaw Molly
  Rock-July 2008

Rock is growing up fast in Arkansas

Missy/Irene-July 2007

Missy in her new home in Canada with Irene
  Missy-July 2007

Missy was delivered in July

Henry/Rex-June 2007

Henry and Rex live in North East Ohio
with Eileen
  Rex-June 2007

Rex is with Eileen in North East Ohio
Born in '07 From my female Buckeye Outlaw Molly

Hutch-May 2007

Hutch with friends in Iowa
See him as a pup - Click here
  Hutch-December 2006

Hutch at home in Iowa.
Born in '06 Out of Blue & Queenie

Little Blue-May 12, 2007

At home in Ohio. Born in '06 Out of Blue & Queenie
  Emmitt-May 12, 2007

Litter mate to Little Blue(left)

Sonny-May 17, 2007

Another litter mate from Little Blue & Emmitt above.
Thanks for update Dale!
    2007 Beagle Pups

Born in '07
All sold

Maggie-May 17, 2007

Maggie born in '01, from my 1st litter of Black Mouth Curs.
In IL with the Brown's. Maggie is out of Buck & Dixie
  Tiggy-May 17, 2007

Tiggy is a bull terrier that lives with Maggie(left). They love
to chase the pet goats when noone is watching

Lance-April 2007

Lance is a Rick's Blue Tick in Ohio.
  Morkies 2006

Three baby Morkies I hauled for Sweet Angel Paws


An Australian Shepard raised by my friend Rick.
  Nick & Joey

Nick is from my 1st litter of Black Mouth Curs, litter mate
to Maggie(above). Joey is Nick's buddy.
Thanks for the pic Rick!

   References available on request