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Description: Called ‘the people’s choice’ among all coonhound breeds, the energetic Walker is perfectly suited for the task for which it was bred – tracking and treeing wild raccoons in their natural haunts. The Breed’s competitive spirit makes it an ideal choice for competitive coonhound events where the breed excels. The Walker coonhound is alert, intelligent, active, courteous, and courageous with extreme endurance and the desire to perform.

Size, Weight, Proportion, Substance: Height – Slightly more at shoulders than at hips. Shoulders should measure: Males, 22 to 27 inches, Female, 20 to 25 inches. Balance is key with all of the parts coming together in proper balance to form the whole. Weight – Should be in proportion to dog’s height. Working dogs are not to be penalized when shown, if slightly under weight.

Colors: Tri-colored is preferred, white, black and tan. White may be the predominant color with black marking and tan trim; or black may be the predominant color with white marking and tan trim, such as a saddle back or blanket back. White with tan spots or white with black spots may be accepted. Fault – any other color combination will be penalized when shown.

Coat: Smooth hair that is glossy and short, yet dense enough for protection while being a close and hard hound coat. Fault – too short or thin or too soft.



100 Proof Buckshot
100 Proof Buckshot
100 Proof Buckshot