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I will haul your dogs for you!

Do you need your dog hauled to a stud dog? Did you sell your dog and need it to go to the new owner? Maybe you have bought a pup and need it to be brought to you.

If your tired of:

Call my cell phone 740-236-0578  or
E-MAIL me at

    References available on request


Coverage Area:

Click map for my coverage area.


I will haul your dog within my travel range.

My only request is that each dog have a current health certificate as well as a collar with current rabie tag attached.

I stop every 4 - 6 hours at a good location to let each dog out to exercise, eat, drink and use the bathroom.  Each stop takes at least one hour. I use a large collapsible puppy fence to let the puppies have a break.

Then all the dogs are let out again once I am at the motel before they are locked up for the night.  Fresh bedding is provided for the dogs along the haul.  And each compartment is cleaned before another dog is placed in it.

If the dog is already named please let me know so that I can call him or her by name.  I understand the dog is already stressed and confused by leaving their home I feel it makes it easier for the dog if I use their name.  I carry Purina Dog Food and Purina Puppy food but if a dog is using another type of food I will feed that. 

Finally, I may need to pick up dogs or puppies before leaving. When this is done I kennel them at no additional charge.  Each dog or puppy is treated as I would want my animal treated.

Mary Ann